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Last update: 11-12-2023 

On this day, 2023-12-11, the following policy has been established for Enzo Group International AB (the “Company”, “We” or “Us”) for the use of the application The Enzo Way or use of any other of our services. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 11-12-2023 and will continue to be updated.

1. Purpose

Your privacy is important for Us. We protect your privacy, and you should be able to feel safe when you entrust Us with your personal data. Therefore, We have established this policy based on current data protection legislation to clarify how We work to protect your rights and your integrity. The purpose of this policy is to inform you about how We process your personal data, what We use it for, who will get access to it and under what conditions and how you can exercise your rights. We do not process more personal data than is necessary for the purpose, and We always strive to use the least privacy-sensitive information. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

2. Guidelines

What types of personal data do We process and on which legal ground? 

The personal data that We process is when you register an account in the app The Enzo Way, which is only intended for app functionality: 

  • E-mail address

  • Username

Furthermore, We will process your contact information if you contact Us for any reason. Such processing of your contact information will be done with support of the legal ground legitimate interests, as We need your contact information in order to be able to answer you. In such case We will only process such personal data that you have voluntarily communicated to Us. This would probably be:   

  • Name

  • E-mail address 

  • Phone number

  • Username (If the support case is connected to The Enzo Way)

We will also process personal data when the Company enters into an agreement with a legal person regarding cooperation, partnership or the like. The personal data We will process in such case is contact information such as name, email address and telephone number. Such processing of personal data is based on the legal ground legitimate interests, due to the agreement with the legal person. 

When visiting Enzoway's website, cookies and Google Analytics are used to both track and report the traffic. Enzoway’s purpose of using Google Analytics is to analyse cookies. Only visitor statistics are analyzed at an overall level, which cannot identify you as a person.

How do We access your personal data?

We will get access to your personal information by you providing the personal data to Us. For example, We get access to personal data about you when you contact Us, seek employment with Us or visit Us. We will also get access to personal data when a person uses The Enzo Way.

We can furthermore get access to your personal information if We enter into an agreement with a legal person for which you are a representative or otherwise the legal person’s contact person as regard to the content of the agreement.

In what ways and for what reasons do We process your personal data? 

We will process personal data when you contact Us, in order to respond to you, as described above. Such processing will be done in order to be able to answer you or otherwise contact you due to You contacting Us. We can also process personal data when you act as a contact person and/or representative for a legal person which We enter into an agreement with. Such processing will be done to be able to administrate the agreement and its content. 

Is your personal data processed in a safe way? 

We have routines and procedures for managing your personal data in a safe way. Only persons who need personal data to perform their duties and Our commitments shall have access to personal data. Our security systems are developed with your integrity in focus and to protect, to a great extent, against intrusion, destruction and other incidents that could endanger your privacy. Our own systems are safe, and We have agreements with our IT providers regarding IT security to ensure that your personal data is processed safely. ​

When do We share your personal data? 

We may not disclose your personal data to anyone other than our IT providers. As regarding the personal data that may be processed while a person uses The Enzo Way, such personal data will be processed by our sub-processor that provide the secure and encrypted cloud server where the pictures and recordings will be stored. ​

Retaining and deleting personal data 

We retain your personal data not longer than what is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose of the processing and We will delete personal data as soon as possible in accordance with applicable law. We will carry out annual thinning for personal data that We process.

3. Your rights

Request for rectification or erasure 

You are entitled to request that personal data about you is rectified or erased. For accounts registered in the app The Enzo Way, We offer a delete account feature where all personal data, mentioned above will be erased.

You also have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data or object to such processing in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation or national privacy laws. Following such a request, We will examine whether there is reason to implement the requested change. 


Request for a registry extract 

You are entitled to request extracts from the Company and our registries/systems in which personal data about you is processed and, in such extracts, be informed of what personal data about you that We are processing and how We process this data. If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data or if you find that any data is incorrect, want to request rectification, erasure, restriction or objection to the processing please contact Us in accordance with section 5 below.  

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection 

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (DPA) is the supervisory public authority for processing of personal data and data protection in Sweden. You are entitled to lodge complaints regarding the processing of personal data to the DPA. Contact information for the DPA can be found on

4. Personal Data Controller and our processors

We are Personal Data Controller, which means that We are responsible for how your personal data is processed and that your rights are taken care of. We hire or may hire subcontractors who process personal data on our behalf, so-called personal data processors. These are, for example, our cloud server provider (Google Cloud with servers in EU). We always ensure through personal data processing agreements that our processors/sub-processors only process personal data in accordance with this policy. Contact Us according to section 5 below if you are interested in knowing exactly which personal data processors We hire.

5. Contact details  

Personal Data Controller: Enzo Group International AB

Address: Villa Solbacken, Svensknabbevägen 30, 393 51 Kalmar

E-mail address: 

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